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Are all of my events recorded? Where can I find them?

The VOKLE Team
posted this on April 1, 2011, 16:36

As soon as you click the red "Start Event" button, you will be live and your event will begin recording. When you pause your event for more than 10 minutes, it's officially over and the recording will begin processing. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an email notification with a link to your recorded show. You can also find your recorded shows by going to "My Events" and clicking on the "View Recordings" tab (as seen below), or by looking at the bottom of the series page.





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Grace Onasanya

How do you select another camera?  When I get to that stage, Camtasia is not an option even though I have it running on my laptop. Thank you

April 6, 2011, 06:53
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Jonathan Koontz

Hello, Grace! It usually helps to refresh your VOKLE page after you have opened those current screen capturing programs. :)

April 15, 2011, 16:19
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Erin Martinez

Why do some of my recordings say they lasted 0 seconds and had 0 live views?  I had at least 30 live views consistantly so I know it should at least say 30.  Thanks.

October 17, 2011, 22:45
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Matt Noble

I did an event this morning (finished about 5 hours ago) and the recording hasn't seemed to work. When I go to the event it is still set up like it's an event you can join.

Did I do something wrong?

November 26, 2011, 21:52
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Kenneth Brandon

I seem to have the same problem that Matt did. When I go to my recorded event it trys to set it up to continue the recording.  I finished my recording about 12 hours ago.

January 26, 2012, 09:35