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Getting Started - Broadcasting

The VOKLE Team
posted this on February 3, 2011, 17:32


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1) Plug in your hardware & log in:

  • If you plan on using an external webcam, microphone, or headphones, plug them in first. Then, head over to Vokle and sign into your account or register a new one.

  • Note: It's a good idea to output your audio through headphones, to avoid creating an echo loop.


2) Join your event:

  • If an event that you have previously scheduled is due to start soon, go to your Event Planner and click the "View" button above it to be taken to your event page and automatically joined to your event.


  • Or, if you want to broadcast right now and haven't previously scheduled an event, just use our Go Live feature.


3) Check your webcam & mic settings:

  • If you're using Vokle for the first time, once you join your event, you'll see an Adobe Flash Player Settings popup. Click the “Allow” button, check “Remember” and then click “Close.”

  • You should see your selected video feed in the camera setup window. If you do not, make sure that any other program that may be using your webcam (such as Skype, & iChat) is closed. Once you're happy with your webcam feed and microphone volume, click the "Continue" button.

4) Countdown and blast off!

  • You'll see a countdown clock if you hover your cursor over the "Start Event' button on the left side of the event application. As soon as the countdown reaches zero (which will be immediately if you created an event with our Go Live feature), you'll see a “Countdown Reached Zero" window with a big red “Start Event” button. Click this button now to begin your event!

  • You can close this window if you don't want to start your event right this moment. Just click the other “Start Event” button on the left side of the event application when you are ready to begin.


Happy Broadcasting!




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