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Internet Speed Test

The VOKLE Team
posted this on February 03, 2011 16:44

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Items Needed For This Internet Speed Test: Laptop with Ethernet/Internet Port & Ethernet Cable 

Step 1: Turn Off your wireless (PC) or airport (Mac).

Step 2:  Plug in hardwire internet connection into your computer. 



Step 3:  Open up your internet browser and head to

Step 4:  After the page fully loads, you will see a list of cities on the left side.  Click on the city closest to you. 



Step 5:  The speed test will then begin to run and may take anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes.  After it has completed, it will return your results. 

*Ideal Connection Speed for Interactive Broadcasting 1.00Mbps Down and 0.5Mbps up* 

*Ideal Connection Speed for just Viewing 1.00Mbps and 0.1Mbps up






Note: If for some reason you are unable to attain a fast enough internet connection, then your location may not be optimal for the interactive streaming event.  Consider trying this test at other locations.




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