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Why does my video lag and look choppy?

The VOKLE Team
posted this on December 13, 2010, 15:07

Check that your upload bandwidth is above 400KB and your download is above 1MB by using If it's not, your connection is not quite fast enough to support broadcasting.


If you are on a wireless connection sometimes plugging into your router may give you a better experience, and keep your video from cutting out. Be sure to hardwire in, turn off your wireless, and refresh the event before proceeding. Check to be sure that sure no one else is accessing your internet for optimal streaming.




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Kenneth Brandon

Is there anything else we can do to get a higher quality stream?  I've got 15MB download and 5MB upload.  The stream still looks very boxy, especially at full screen.  Here's an example:  (PS. My microphone setting got messed up when my usb microphone got unplugged by accident mid stream.) 

May 17, 2012, 12:11