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How do I add VOKLE to my Facebook page?

The VOKLE Team
posted this on March 8, 2012, 17:54

The time has come. You can now fully embed VOKLE directly onto your Facebook Page! Not only will your fans be able to interact with you and watch all of your shows, you will also be able to add "Fan Gates" to increase your "Likes" and encourage higher engagement. Here are a few people that have already added this feature! Brent Smith, ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy3Killabytes and VOKLE.

First off, if you haven't already, be sure to publish the new 'Timeline' look on Facebook. Now, take these quick steps to add VOKLE to your Page.


1. Simply install the Static iFrame Tab App and follow all steps until complete.




2. Click the "Settings" link and you will be taken to your "Tab Settings" where you can customize 


3. Next, click "Enable" to fit the new Timeline width.




4. Then under "Page Source", select URL, enter your Series URL and add "/facebook_fanpage" (without quotes) at the end. It should look something like this:"

Also change the "Height" dimensions 1600 and click the "Hide Scrollbars" checkbox.



5. Scroll down and click "Save Settings". Once it refreshes, go back to your frontpage. You should now see a new tab called "Welcome." 




6. To change the name and graphic, first click the dropdown arrow on the far right of your "Favorites" tab. 


Then hover over your "Welcome" tab, and click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil), then select "Edit Settings".


7. Now you'll be able to change the name from "Welcome" to "My Live Show" and click Save. 


8. To change the graphic of your show, click the "Change" link to the right of "Custom Tab Image". 



When the new page loads, click the "Change" link to upload a graphic of your choosing, or you can use ours (right-click and 'Save As'):



DISCLAIMER: There is a known bug with Facebook where you must upload the image multiple times until it selects the correct image. There is a ticket in Facebook, and should hopefully be taken care of very soon.




After finishing all the steps, your VOKLE events should now be embedded right into Facebook and should look like this




Fan Gate

To make your shows more exclusive to your fans, you can setup a Fan Gate through your iFrame.  In the Non-Fan Page Source section, you will be able to add a custom image to draw more attention to your Like button.

For more tips on setting up your iFrame app, watch this great video from Justin Germino from


-The VOKLE Team



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Friday Night BLAB!

hi, when i embed my event page into my fb fan page, the whole page won't fit. the user has to scroll to the right to see the whole page...

October 9, 2012, 00:21
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