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What is "skinning" and how do I "skin" my event?

The VOKLE Team
posted this on November 14, 2011, 12:35

Skinning is a feature that allows you to customize your VOKLE event with colors and graphics. You can add thumbnails, sponsor links and different colors to your VOKLE event page. This feature is not yet accessible to general users, it is only available if you qualify for the "Staff Picks" program, read more to see if you qualify. If you are currently a Staff Pick and would like to request an event to be skinned please contact us with the required specifications:


Skinning Specs

Image of Inside Event When Live:
  • Recommended file sizes: 
    • background (#1) either 1 solid color, or a gradient of 2 colors, need HTML color codes (This feature is currently under maintenance.)
    • backdrop (#2)  recommended width:height ratio of 16:9
    • host logos (#3) recommended 280 pixels wide x 75 pixels high
    • extra/sponsor logos (#4) up to 3 sponsor logos, recommended 200×200 pixels


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