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How do I link my account to Twitter or Facebook? What to do if already linked?

The VOKLE Team
posted this on September 23, 2011, 15:37

Even if you already have an account, you can still still link to both Facebook and Twitter. There are many benefits to linking your account to both Facebook and Twitter: it will make it much easier to promote and share your events, and it will give you multiple options to log in.


To link your account to Facebook/Twitter, click "My Settings" and you will see a Section called "Linked Accounts."

Make sure you're already logged in to Facebook/Twitter (do so on in another page if not), and then the click "Link to Facbeook" and "Link to Twitter" buttons.

You will need to authorize the accounts on external pages, and then they should be linked.





If it says that the account is already linked to another VOKLE username, this means you have accidentally created another, separate account using Facebook or Twitter. You will need to unlink this separate account in order to relink your main account.


As an example, let's say that your Twitter is accidentally linked to a separate account. You will need to log out of your main account, and click "Login Through Twitter," then you will be logged into this separate account. Go to "My Settings" and then "Contact Preferences" and enter an email address (this can be a throwaway email), and click "Update Preferences:"




Then click "Linked Accounts," and click the button that says "Unlink from Twitter." Now log out of this account, and log in to your main account. You should now be able to return to "Linked Accounts" and click "Link to Twitter." Now you can log into that account through Twitter, and promote on Twitter as well!



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Kenneth Brandon

Thanks for the help!

January 25, 2012, 10:39
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Kapil Sharma

I not able to link my account to twitter, it says ‘your profile is already connected with another account’ but my account is not connected to any other vokle account. Myntra Coupon Codes

September 18, 2014, 10:53
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