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posted this on April 4, 2011, 14:06




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Blue Eagle

I have a multi camera setup. They are USB cameras. is there such a thing as a USB video switcher?


October 7, 2012, 20:58
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AbiliTV disAbility awareness effort

Seems that the community here is not very responsive. So I will add my half a cent worth.


Blue Eagle I have been broadcasting for many years now. While not here on Vokle, I use three web cameras USB at one time, as well as also show what is on my desktop all at one time. The software allows for the video switching to take place. So no actual hardware is needed for what you wan to do. TWO programs that I have used are Manycam (FREE, and a paid version $50.00) works really well, and has come a very long way from the days it was only free.


The one I like to use mainly because it offers as many picture in picture options as you want is called WebcamMax (they provide a free version, and paid version also normally $50.00 although check with them at different times to find they offer it for $25.00 or 50% off. Saving you money to unlock more than one or two camera views.


Both FREE version of the above software will limit what can and can not be done with them. Such as water mark removal, and other little things of those sorts. And, more camera use options. BOTH programs offer good and not so good features you may like or not. But, I have both on my machine. I use Manycam free version as the in case the WebcamMax paid version craps out on me for some odd reason.


Manycam is at oddly enough has been around for years. If you like use to find software with ratings and other information, as well as it being tested for crapware. Always run your own malware scan just in case.

Manycam has a watermark you can opt to remove. I think it also has a watermark about its pro or paid version you can not remove. I am not sure.


And, WebcamMax is at and they have 50% off of the program as of today 5-3-2013. They run this often, and is not once in a long while, they do it about every other month, and or nonstop for parts of the year. Even at $50 this little gem of a program I feel is worth it.

FREE version of Webcammax has a non removable watermark.


WARNING about Webcammax site owners: They like to use CNN download dot com. I have reservations about that site, and this is the site I would use to for the DL. Use the internal server SP offers, and that means you get the actual scanned safe of harmful crap program.

Also Webcam max will sneak a Toolbar in, and change the home page and such. Just click that check box to make it empty, and continue. Nothing needed from that for the program to run. That even includes the free version. I can not stand that 3rd party garbage on my machine.

Other than the cheesy graphic overlay effects that both programs offer, and many people get hung up on... I really do not use them for anything. I use the Picture in Picture ability all the time. And, I also use the text on screen all the time as well.


NON of these programs touch the audio part of the stream just as a heads up.

Hope this all helps. I just happened to be looking to see if I can use Adobe Flash Media Encoder... I think no, would be that answer. LOL

May 3, 2013, 06:55